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Published on Tuesday, 05 February 2013 11:59

(Mirror) Local environmentalists have introduced a new spider series to the world.BTS 360px 13 02 05

The new spider species have been found after a series of research carried out throughout the country.  


The latest journal of the British Tarantula Society said that this special spider species will be scientifically named as Poecilotheria Rajai.  


The first discovery of this spider has been found in 2009 in a village close to Mankulam.  At that time the researchers have found only a spider that had been killed by the villagers. 


Already 7 kinds of Poecilotheria Rajai spiders have been found in Sri Lanka it will the 8th variety with the new discovery.  15 varieties of Poecilotheria Rajai spiders have been identified throughout the world.  


Most of these spider varieties have been discovered from Sri Lanka and India. The researchers said that these spider varieties can mostly be found from the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.


The team of researchers included Ranil Nanayakkara, Peter Criek, Salindra Dayananda, G.A.S.M.Ganehiaratchchi, Nilantha Vishwanath, and Tharaka Kusuminda..  

Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 February 2013 15:37