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Published on Monday, 15 September 2014 11:37

Alahera 410px 14 09 15Nearly 7,500 acres of cultivated land at Elahera Colony has been destroyed due to lack of water, reports say.

Out of 7,000 acres of paddy land, which have been cultivated in this season, 3,500 acres have been destroyed due to lack of water.

Similarly, out of 8000 acres of land where secondary crops were cultivated 4,000 acres have also been destroyed.

The affected areas include Madhudamana, Dikwelpitiya, Randawijeoya, Kahatagahapitiya, Batuhena, Attanakadawala, Katukeliyawa, Ihala Kaluwewa, Sarubima, Nikapitiya, Sirikanduyaya and Kottapitiya.

However, there are nearly 1000 farming families living in this area.

Upon inquiry the Chief Irrigation Engineer of Elahera, K.K.D.A.D Sumanasekara stated that the particular situation has emerged as the farmers arbitrarily engaged in farming activities, though at the seasonal (kanna) meeting they agreed upon cultivating only secondary crops without engaging in paddy cultivation.

The supply of water has been halted since September 03 due to a repair at Bowatenna reservoir, he added.

He further stated that following the request made by farmers, water will be supplied in future.

However, the farmers state that there is water in Bowatenna reservoir and the crops are being destroyed, as the authorities do not take measures to supply water.


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Last Updated on Monday, 15 September 2014 13:25