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Published on Monday, 15 September 2014 09:58

GotabayaR 410px 14 03 24Human Rights activists accuse that Defence ministry lacks a broad mindset at least to discuss the torture charges faced by the Sri Lanka security forces.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, Britto Fernando of the 'Right to Life' organisation has said that the Defence ministry has been pressuring organisers to keep Sri Lankan activists including himself from attending the international conference in Bangkok, Thailand entitled ‘Enhancing Human Rights and Security in the Asia Pacific’.

Fernando has added that Sri Lankan military has informed the Director of the conference that they would boycott the conference if several volunteer organisations in Sri Lanka participated.

Attempts made by the BBC Sandeshaya to contact the military spokesperson on this regard has been unsuccessful.

The conference, backed by the University of Sydney, will commence today (Sep. 15) in Bangkok.

Several attendees representing volunteer organisations are considering a withdrawal from the conference, as a mark of protest against the withdrawal of invitations by the university.

Speaking further, Fernano has said that he received a letter from the university, stating that the decision to deinvite, though difficult, was taken as the conference would be unviable if the Sri Lankan security forces decides to withdraw.

(Source- BBC Sandeshaya)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 14:22