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Published on Friday, 12 September 2014 17:33

Japan 410px 14 09 12The government of Japan has extended their support to a livelihood improvement project for the resettled fishing communities in Mullaitivu District.

The Japanese government has extended US$ 224,380 (Rs. 30 million) for the project which will be implemented by the Pacific Asia Resource Centre Interpeople's Cooperation (PARCIC) in the Mullaitivu District under the Japan-NGO  Cooperation Grant scheme.

This is the Phase 2 of the three-year project.

PARCIC is a Japanese NGO, actively involved in reconstruction and development in the Northern Province since 2004.

The grant contract was signed between the Ambassador of Japan - Nobuhito Hobo and PARCIC project coordinator - Fumi Ito, at the Ambassador's residence in Colombo today (Sep. 12).

The project is for resettled fishery communities to improve their livelihoods. PARCIC has provided 18 common wells and 03 common halls in the area since 2013. It also has been providing language education programmes and after school classes using the common halls. As a follow up, the project will also provide 03 fish market buildings to the villages in Maritimepattu DS Division, Mullaitivu.

Speaking at the event, the ambassador said, "as a nation which commits itself and also contributes to global peace and prosperity, Japan focuses its assistance in Sri Lanka towards consolidation of peace and reconstruction as well as medium and long-term vision for development. In this context, Japan has given high priority to support the reconstruction of the once conflict affected areas."

Noting that the 'project addresses a very vital component in resettlement of displaced persons; namely restoration of livelihoods of the people', the ambassador also added that he is 'proud to say that the work of Japanese NGOs through these types of projects is highly appreciated by both the people and the government of Sri Lanka.'

Speaking, PARCIC project coordinator - Fumi Ito said that the aims to strengthen fishery societies in the area that they hoped the project would accelerate their recovery and that the fishery communities as a whole will regain their strength.

The event was also attended by embassy's first secretary - Mr. Kiichiro Iwase, second secretary - Mr. Totoyeru Doi, Consultant of GGP - Ms. Chisa Shinsugi, Senior assistant for economic cooperation - Ms. Sunila de Alwis, Senior assistant for cultural affairs and information - Mr. Janak Bandaranayake and PARCIC Regional Director - Mr. B.J. Ajith.

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Last Updated on Friday, 12 September 2014 17:33