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Published on Friday, 12 September 2014 09:30

Tower 410px 14 09 12A number of communication towers around the island have collapsed after being built in a substandard manner, reports say.

One such tower is the state owned Mobitel tower that collapsed in the Keppetipola area in Welimada over usual windy conditions which prevailed around two months ago.

Such weather conditions are to be expected in a country like Sri Lanka and around the world, communication towers are usually erected in a manner which enables them to cope with harsh winds.

There are around 25 similarly erected towers in the country.

Due to high-level orders, the incident in Keppetipola was not reported by media and several additional security personnel were deployed to prevent photographs from being taken.

Though no one was hurt in the Keppitipola incident, such towers pose a safety hazard to public.

Several days ago in Matara, a Sri Lanka Telecom tower which was not properly maintained was removed, evacuating several families living around the area as well. The following are several photographs of the tower which was located at Browns Hill, Matara Browns Hill, Matara.

Tower4 600px 14 09 12

Tower3 600px 14 09 12

Tower2 600px 14 09 12

Tower1 600px 14 09 12

Last Updated on Friday, 12 September 2014 09:30