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Published on Thursday, 11 September 2014 14:52

MihinL 410px 11-04-13Mihin Lanka is to recruit new pilots next week, report its internal sources.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that among the shortlisted individuals for the positions is a forged pilot license holder whose training was terminated due to low aptitude demonstrated at SriLankan Airlines.

A Flying school in USA, Blue Diamond Aviation, has informed that the said pilot who obtained his Aviation Authority (FAA) license from USA is under investigation for reporting falsified flying hours in USA, reports say.

Reportedly Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is aware of this individual and his incompetency and number of petitions has also been submitted informing that he has obtained a forged FAA license. Despite the information provided, CAA has issued the individual a license.

The said pilot has reportedly attended 7 schools in Sri Lanka and has failed the A/L examination. It is also rumoured that he possess a degree (2 year) from an unrecognized school in UK and has managed to get it authorized from University Grants Commission in Sri Lanka in order to apply for airlines.

He has also been expelled from Asian Aviation Center for copying in an examination during his Private Pilot License training.

Minister's brother's friend alleged of leaking paper

Meanwhile, it is reported that an individual is alleged of leaking the examination papers given to the pilots by CAA and CAA has kept the information hidden.

The said individual is a friend of a very talkative deputy minister's brother and the investigations over the matter have been stopped due to his influence.

We also revealed information with regard to the fraudulent activities carried out by Skyline Aviation including a massive tax fraud and it is reported that CAA keeping few other similar incidents hidden.

We intend to reveals those as well.

Following are reports on frauds by Skyline Aviation.

More frauds by Skyline Aviation revealed

Skyline Aviation in a massive tax fraud?

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 September 2014 17:32