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10 foods for healthy skin

Published on Monday, 20 October 2014 14:50

Food 630px 14 10 20It’s true when they say that your skin is all about what you eat. The healthier your diet, the more glowing your skin tends to be because of all the nutrients pumped into it. Here is a list of 10 foods that should be included in your daily diet for good skin:

1. Almonds

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A regular but moderate intake of almonds may help nourish and protect your skin. These nuts contain vitamin E which helps nourish the skin and protect it against sun damage. These could be eaten easily when used with salad, oats, grilled or baked dishes or even in desserts.

2. Broccoli

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Broccoli is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. The vitamin C present in it helps increase collagen production which ensures the skin is soft and supple. Similarly, the vitamin E present, protects the skin from harmful UV rays, reducing chances of dark spots. It also contains selenium which is a saviour against skin cancer. It’s healthy to have some fresh broccoli either as part of you salads or stir-fried with other vegetables.

3. Peppermint

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Peppermint comes with calming and healing properties beneficial for the skin and health. Apart from being used in topical creams for various skin ailments, peppermint has anti-inflammatory properties which balances the pH levels of the skin. A cup of hot peppermint tea also helps calm down headaches.

4. Tomatoes

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Being rich in vitamin C, the collagen production keeps the skin well intact and firm. The red pigment present in tomatoes helps reduce skin paleness and increases the skin’s circulation. A juicy slice of tomatoes could be had at any time of the day, either as part of a salad or just sliced and had with lemon to keep skin beautiful.

5. Beetroot

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This vegetable’s roots are high in vitamin A, and a bunch of other nutrients like potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E. It is hence a complete cleanser and a blood purifier that eradicates toxins from the system. Apart from having it in salads regularly, a glass of beetroot juice is ideal for healthy skin.

6. Brown rice

Food6 300px 14 10 20

Brown rice is an option preferred any day over its white counterpart. The insulin levels in the blood do not spike up as they would with the consumption of white rice. Thus, the reduced level of insulin controls the production of oil in the sebum because of which the chances of acne and clogged pores are minimum. It also contains antioxidants and minerals that enhance skin health.

7. Garlic

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Garlic has anti-bacterial properties hence cleanses the skin of any infections and reduces the chances of acne. Just add garlic to as many meals as possible, be it in your pastas, other dishes or salad.

8. Paneer

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Paneer or cottage cheese is protein- and selenium-rich which is important for skin nourishing and collagen production. There are various ways of incorporating paneer in your diet. You could either stir-fry it with vegetables and add some flavoured sauces for taste. Or you could simply eat fresh cubes of paneer with some pepper sprinkled.

9. Eggs

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Eggs have rich nutritional value with all the proteins, zinc and selenium required for good skin health. Eggs make for a delicious breakfast and in fact can be incorporated in any meal throughout the day. For some simple and easy cooking you could just boil some eggs and sprinkle some pepper or stick to having an omelette. Eggs can also be used to make face packs.

10. Pumpkin seeds

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These tiny seeds come with nutrients from vitamin E, zinc and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, making them a must for healthy skin. Pumpkin seeds protect your cell membranes, maintain collagen levels, and promote skin renewal. You can add pumpkin seeds to a cup of yoghurt or a bowl of oats.


Last Updated on Monday, 20 October 2014 14:52