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Published on Wednesday, 03 September 2014 17:00

Skyline 410px 14 08 28It has been revealed that early this year, aviation training academy - Skyline Aviation (Pvt.) Ltd has imported two more aircraft on a duty free basis under the tax concessions of the Board Of Investment (BOI).

The two aircraft brought down from the US are cessna single engine aircraft.

The company has been initiated in 2006 under the 300 Enterprises Programme of the BOI.

Despite the company application tabled before the BOI stating the proposed location for the venture as Weerawila, it has functioned from Rathmalana since obtaining the permit.

'Project can be stopped if misled'

Upon inquiring from the Board of Investment on this matter, they said that a project can be stopped immediately under such a backdrop.

Though number of people have informed the BOI regarding these fraudulent activities, the BOI is yet to look into them.

Internal sources report that one such individual was formally informed that a BOI Directress - namely Ms. Y.G. Rajapaksa (Deputy Director Genaral, Investment) would conduct a probe in due course.

Civil Aviation Authority involved?

Questions are also being raised as to whether the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is involved in this fraud as well.

Doubts are being raised after the CAA had failed to take measures despite receiving complaints of these fraudulent activities, which also include alleges that the aviation training of the academy is violating international aviation laws.

Skyline untruths out in the open
Speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror' a company spokesperson said that around 250 persons have passed out as qualified commercial pilots from the academy.

However, we learn that the the said amount of people have not received a Commercial Pilot License through the academy.

It is also alleged that individuals who had received a Commercial Pilot license have not completed the total flight time required to obtain the licence according to international aviation regulations.

Skyline chief indicted?
Skyline is said to be headed by a one Kurukulasooriya Anthony Romesh Fernando.

He is facing indictment charges over a forged signature.

The relevant cases filed under numbers H/C 7016/13 and H/C 7015/13 are being taken up at the High Court.

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Skyline Aviation in a massive tax fraud?

01. The CAA's list of Certified Flying Training Organizations published on their website has stated that the academy's Training Base as Katukurunda.

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02. Skyline head Romesh Fernando marking the maiden flights of the newly imported aircraft and photographs of the said aircraft.

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